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Tag you’re it! I’ve been tagged into this Halloween blogger tag by the lovely Cath at The Secret Life of Me. You can find her post here. Thank you so much for the tag!!

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1. What’s your favourite thing about October?

To be honest, I’ve always hated October. Ever since I was a little girl. My Nanna died 13th October 2002, when I was only little. She was my best friend and every year although its gotten easier it brings back the memories of my dad sitting on the stairs in our family home, grabbing my by the wrists and then hugging me tightly when I couldn’t stop the tears.

I suppose crunchy leaves are great though! And McDonald’s bring back their Spiced Latte! – yum!

Photo by Jara on Pexels.com

2. Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?

As a kid (and young adult), I loved it as it used to mean family time, then it became about brushing up on the dance moves to “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” as I used to entertain the children at parties my Dad would DJ!

It stopped becoming fun when clowns started becoming a popular costume craze – I am PETRIFIED of clowns!

The past couple of years have been great though, 2018 we flew to Malta on 31/10 for a pool competition (and to top up the tan on our 1st holiday as a couple), then 2019 we carved a pumpkin especially for my neighbours baby daughter to come round and look at it in the window (because in typically Welsh fashion it was raining and the candle wouldn’t stay lit outside!)

3. What’s your favourite horror movie?

I used to absolutely hate horror films. Until I started watching them with my very camp (then) best-friend. Suddenly movies like Paranormal Activity became HILARIOUS!

I have to say my all time favourite though is probably Orphan. Fantastic storyline with just the right amount of scaryness for my liking.

4. Would you rather a cosy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?

These days, cosy night in. But when our pumpkin comes, I’ll probably enjoy the dressing up and trick or treating.

5. Which has been your most favourite costume to date?

So I couldn’t find a picture of my favourite one, where I dressed up as a Warewolf, with proper hair and skin glue… So I thought I’d give you all a laugh at the time I put a “zombie Elvis” look together 5 mins before a party…

6. Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch?

Apple bobbing.

7. How do you celebrate Halloween?

Buy sweets “in case we get any kids call round”, subsequently eat them and then watch a film. This year is our last without our own little pumpkin! 💙

8. What’s your least favourite horror? 

Any of the Final Destination series… I still can’t drive behind a log-loaded lorry!

9. Do you have a favourite trick or treating memory?

When I was around 11, I went trick or treating with a friend, Ana. We were going along a street, knocked a door and it opened…

The people had decked out their entire house as a scary haunted house. It was epic! (And they gave us loads of sweets).

10. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? 

Seeing children be children! Their faces lighting up when you give them their goodies!

11. Scary costume or Silly costume?

Depends on the event. Usually a bit of both!

12. What’s your favourite Halloween candy? 

Anything really – I am that weirdo who doesn’t like toffee or chocolate covered apples though.

13. What age is “too old” to celebrate Halloween?


Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a great time! Wales is in lockdown, but im sure the kids around here will still enjoy!

Most importantly: STAY SAFE!

I tag: 100PoundsRicher

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