Real Life Worries

Feelings, everybody has them. Let’s talk about very real problems.

The thoughts of a stressed out human, who gets annoyed when others are forced to suppress their fears, anxieties and feelings, for the sake of what’s socially acceptable.

“We don’t talk about that sort of thing”…. We do here!

I am a woman. A woman who has been through a lot – haven’t we all?

As a girl, I faced growing up quickly. Family separation, on so many levels. I thought back then, I’d never get through it. I did, and now I look back and laugh – That was probably the easiest time of my life!

Married, 2 angel babies, 1 very real step-son, we’ll refer to him as gamer kid. His dad, my husband, we’ll just refer to as OH, as he is literally the other half of me. I am incomplete without him and now, we have player 4 on the way!

This blog will talk about every feeling you could imagine, it will be a rollercoaster. It’s not a place for hate, or suppressing the way people feel, so if you’re one of those that has ever told anyone “you can’t say that”, or “we don’t talk about that”… PLEASE JUST LEAVE.

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